Today, handmade wood joints have almost disappeared. In this furniture design piece, they are reinterpreted by technical advances and designed to be CNC-compatible.


The resulting piece of furniture, Regard, displays the functions to store, to show, and to hide. Its detachable construction holds its form through the inherent tension of the wood and the weight force of all combined parts. Each part is necessary to keep another part stable. The clothing rail, as the last inserted part, holds together the entire construction.


*Regard is a portmanteau play of words, combining the German words Regal (shelf, rack) and Garderobe (wardrobe) to form the French word Regard (a look or glance).


Practical Bachelor’s Thesis, Lucerne

Photographs by Andri Stalder, Sarah Hossli



Mentioned in Artaurea magazine, article about promoting design in Switzerland, Edition 3-2013, pp. 70-71