material traces

In the children’s workshop A game of Memory – discovering material traces at the material outlet OFFCUT we tried to find interesting material structures and then went on to replicate them on small playing cards made out of concrete. All the participants (6-12 years) got to learn more about concrete as a medium and could take home their self-produced concrete Memory game at the end of the day.


Workshop as part of Material – Studio Kids at OFFCUT Materialmarkt, Münchenstein, Basel

Planning & teaching: Sara Zouaoui & Sarah Hossli


memory with stamps

Already pre-printed basic forms on small wooden plates serve as a base for the participants to turn into animals. Children from four years up or adults with children are all invited to take part of the workshop. In the course of this afternoon workshop, every child creates their own colorful animal memory game.


Workshops for young and old ones at d`Wohnig, Zug

Development, production of all stamps, planning and teaching: Sara Zouaoui & Sarah Hossli 


terrace construction

D`Wohnig, next to the main station in Zug, was an interim project that lasted until the end of September 2016. There were free rooms to use as studios for artisan and cultural projects, workshops, courses and literary events, for cooking together and having coffee, or as a co-working space.


The ground floor offered a big, sunlit window with a view of the garden. A team of eight artisans built a sun terrace out of free material and cheap objects found at flea market. The terrace offered space for workshops, coffee breaks and evening events. 


Organisation, planning and realisation: Patrick Bützer, Sara Zouaoui & Sarah Hossli